About MTHA

In March of 2014, Governor Phil Bryant led the formation of MTHA in an effort to ensure that Mississippi is on the leading edge of telehealth. The mission of MTHA is to provide a statewide forum for the purposes of developing telehealth related policies and programs designed to improve healthcare for Mississippians.

The MTHA has six core objectives:

1. Provide a forum for business to business development
2. Improve rural health care access to broadband
3. Market telemedicine to improve adoption rates
4. Develop coordinated telehealth policy
5. Support Health IT workforce solutions
6. Convene stakeholders for grant making opportunities

The MTHA membership consists of telehealth service providers, technology vendors, telecommunications providers, hospitals, patient advocacy and wellness organizations, and other relevant groups. They are committed to increasing access and overall quality of healthcare in the state of Mississippi.