Sponsor Vendors

The Mississippi Telehealth Association is pleased to have the following as sponsor vendors and partners of the Association.  We encourage any facilities looking to adopt a telehealth program to consider these supporters for your various telehealth needs:

Gold Level

C Spire

1018 Highland Colony Parkway
Ridgeland, MS 39157

Technology and Healthcare are uniquely linked. From stethoscopes to MRI, from scalpels to image-guided laser treatments, these two giants have always advanced hand in hand. Today, telehealth technology is helping extend the reach of doctors out to even the most remote communities. We’re proud to be a leader in telehealth. No other provider can match our combination of powerful LTE+ wireless network and 6000+ miles of buried fiber optic circuits. Together we provide a reliable, secure, lightspeed, and highly redundant way to remotely manage your patients’ health.

C Spire services include:

  • E-Visits
  • Electronic Personal Health Records (PHR)
  • Mobile Health Apps
  • Home Health Monitoring
  • A New Type of Healthcare Smart Home
  • Specialist Access

Click here to view a full listing of C Spire telehealth offerings


Brian Dalhover
[email protected]  
1232 Gatherings Oaks
San Antonio, TX 78260 

When Education Networks of America (ENA) was founded in 1996, our vision was to provide Internet access to every K-12 school in Tennessee. Today, that vision has been greatly expanded, and ENA now delivers transformative connectivity, communication, cloud, cybersecurity, and technology services to education, library, and healthcare communities.  

Our 99% customer satisfaction rating and world class net promoter score (NPS) demonstrate our commitment to delivering exceptional customer care to the communities we serve.

Services include:

  • Connectivity
  • Communication
  • Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology Services
  • Endpoint / Marketplace

Click here to view the telehealth and connectivity services that ENA has to offer.

North Mississippi Health Services (NMHS)

North Mississippi Health Services
Ben Kilman, MD
[email protected]

North Mississippi Health Services is dedicated to being the provider of the best patient- and family-centered care. NMHS connects patients and their families with convenient access to care that is cost efficient and of the highest quality. NMHS provides acute, diagnostic, therapeutic and emergency services, with the sole trauma center (Level 2) in our service area, through North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo. The health care system also includes community hospital locations in Amory, Eupora, Iuka, Pontotoc and West Point, Mississippi, and Hamilton, Alabama, a regional network of more than 45 primary and specialty clinics; nursing homes and telehealth services.

Tired of driving so far for specialty appointments? Try convenient telehealth appointments offered by North Mississippi Medical Center.  Telehealth technology helps us better serve our patients, especially those in rural areas. Telehealth makes it possible for you to see specialty providers in your own community, which saves you time, travel and child care expenses.

University of Mississippi Medical Center, Center for Telehealth

Tony Tharpe
[email protected]
1018 Highland Colony Parkway
Ridgeland, MS 39157

The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) has been a leader in telehealth for over a decade, and in 2017, was recognized as one of only two federally designated Centers of Excellence in Telehealth. With this designation we are tasked by the Health Resources and Services Administration to explore innovative ways to advance the modern practice of telemedicine. In Mississippi we face great challenges in rurality and healthcare disparities, but have been successful in leveraging the connections afforded by technology to improve the lives of our citizens through our telehealth programs. UMMC’s work to date clearly demonstrates the value of this technology-enabled health care in rural and underserved communities.

Current programs include:

    • TelEmergency
    • TelePsych
    • Remote Patient Monitoring
    • TeleNeurology
    • TeleDerm
    • TeleDiagnostic
    • TeleRadiology
    • School Based Telehealth
    • Corporate Telehealth programs including State of MS Employee Health Plan


Derrick Lindsay
[email protected]

With approximately 7.8 million fiber strand miles, we work with hundreds of other carriers and partners across the country to help them create the connectivity required to drive their businesses forward. We’ve invested billions of dollars into our nationwide network infrastructure, enabling our wholesale customers – content providers, data center operators, WISPs, ISPs, international and wireless carriers, other network providers and more – to expand their reach and gain the competitive edge in an increasingly competitive arena.

Each day, we work with those customers to design solutions specific to their very unique and individual needs, and we couple that collaborative approach with our dedicated, always-on support to provide a best-in-class experience every single time.

Click here to view a full listing of available broadband and fiber services.


Silver Level

IRIS Telehealth *

114 W. 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701

Iris Telehealth is a national telepsychiatry service that is 100% owned and operated by doctors who know from experience what providers require and patients need. We have earned a reputation for providing outstanding customer service and excellent clinical care.

Click here to view LCSW services for outpatient clinics
Click here to view telepsychiatry services for outpatient clinics

Bronze Level


Jenna Novkovic
[email protected]

AmericanWell (AmWell) provides a single solution for virtual care by equipping clinicians, patients, and the industry that supports them, with the tools to realize a better healthcare experience.  Services include behavioral health, urgent care, acute behavioral health, telestroke, pediatrics, primary care, and much more.  


Eagle Telemedicine *

Ed Bonn
[email protected]

Eagle is a telemedicine service provider and a sustainable solution to physician shortages.  Telemedicine allows you to: offer new specialties like stroke, critical care, and psychiatry, eliminate locum support costs, prevent burnout, and reduce unnecessary transfers and increase your census.

A pioneer in inpatient telemedicine, we have devoted more than a decade to perfecting our telemedicine models of care, and adapting them to meet your changing needs. Whether you’re a small rural hospital, a mid-sized facility or a large metropolitan hospital, our specialists can be “beamed in” via two-way videoconferencing to fill staffing gaps and expand your specialist services.

Services include:

  • Night shift solutions
  • Staffing gap solutions
  • Remote study interpretation services
  • Multiple telemedicine specialities

Click here to view available services.

LookDeep transforms telemedicine for hospitals — using computer vision and AI to help doctors and nurses continuously monitor every patient.  Through a zero cost hardware model, LookDeep aligns with hospitals by driving the cost of basic inpatient video to zero and only charging when it is used for a patient.
Video inside the hospital will become ubiquitous – the next platform for continuous patient monitoring – and a foundational element for hospital AI in the future.  Our computer vision and AI technology watches video and extracts patterns related to safety and room environment, movement and mobility, location and recovery, and more.
Through continuous monitoring of patients it assists in relieving the scarcest resource in the hospital – clinical attention. LookDeep enables hospitals to be present at every moment for every patient.
  • Zero Hardware Cost – Deploy virtual sitting, virtual nursing and virtual care solutions inside the hospital without large upfront capital expenses
  • Human + AI Approach – By relying on human judgement instead of replacing it, our AI solutions can improve care and lower cost immediately
  • SOC2 Type II Security Audited  – unique in inpatient telemedicine to ensure safety and security

Relias Healthcare

Sumner Abraham, MD
Chief Medical Operating Officer
[email protected]

We are a multi-state healthcare solutions operation with subsidiaries that solve the various needs that providers, hospitals, and patients face. Explore what RH can do for you.  We place our providers as our PRIORITY and give them an environment to do what they trained so passionately to do. We PARTNER with our hospitals and engage the organization at the ground level to understand their priorities and align our solutions around their needs. We never forget that the PATIENT is our purpose and without their trust in our services we fail to exist as a company.

Click here to view available options from Relias.

Telehealth Solution

Annie Hamilton
Regional Sales Manager

TeleHealth Solution™ is one of the leading providers in the United States for 24/7/365 virtual patient care. We serve hospitals and post-acute healthcare facilities, providing timely and responsive care that saves lives. We take pride in giving patients the care they need, while helping combat clinician burnout. Our healthcare clients have reported higher patient satisfaction scores, as well as enhanced clinical and financial outcomes.

We address the physical, emotional, and financial challenges in providing around-the-clock care to vulnerable patients in acute care hospitals and post-acute facilities. Our virtual care platform enables us to provide high-level, quality services by combining our expert medical care with clinical workflow tools and technology that integrate directly into your practice model.

Click here to view acute care services through TeleHealth Solution

Lynk Healthcare *

Will Moon
[email protected]
152 Watford Pkwy Drive, Suite 202

Canton, MS 39046

Lynk Health provides care managers, digital devices, and care coordination platform.

Our solution enables providers to remotely manage their patient’s chronic conditions while proactively supporting practices with patient outreach, enrollment, care management and education, ensuring patients stay compliant. The result is improved patient care, simplified operations for in-office staff, and increased practice revenue. 

Lynk Health keeps providers connected to patients by implementing the following solutions:

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