Learn About Telehealth

No matter what type of healthcare you deliver, telehealth has a role in your future!

View the videos below to learn more about the different types of telehealth and how you can integrate the service into your practice.

Telehealth and Primary Care

This video from American Well shows the use of every day technology being used to access telehealth for the average patient.

Increasing the Ability to Treat Local Patients

This video shows how hospitals can increase their ability to treat local veterans because of the use of telehealth.

Telehealth and Case Management

This video from HHC shows how telehealth can be used in a hospital or clinical setting to manage chronic disease and patient care.

A comprehensive look at telehealth helping a robust healthcare system to better utilize resources to handle chronic care management and specialty services.

A practical video with testimonials of the use of telehealth for delivering quality care to the Medicare population.

Testimony of Telehealth in Mississippi

Two videos show a Mississippi-based perspective on the value and critical need for telehealth.  A special thanks to the South Central Telehealth Resource Center for access to these videos.